Dissertation Reviews of special interest to the FHSAsia

The Dissertation Reviews website has a good deal of content that is of special interest to the history and social study of science, medicine, and technology in Asia. We’ll try to post regular updates to this list, but for the time being the following are particularly notable (and please feel welcome to post any that we’ve missed in the Comments!)

Science for God’s Sake [Archival reviews, Japan]
Evangelical Organizations & Tuberculosis in Japan
Ideology of Rice & Silk in Early Modern Japan
Early Modern Islamic Occultism & Universalism
Japanese Visions of Fritz Lang’s “Metropolis”
The Water Regime in China
Transformations of “Sowa Rigpa” in Central Tibet
Infertility & Children in North India
Tibetan Medicine in Indian Exile
Medicine & Public Health in Southwest China, 1937-1945
Chinese Science Fiction & Colonial Modernities
Forensic Science & Cultures of Expertise in China, 1800-1949
Natural Disaster, Mobility & Vulnerability in Mongolia
Madness in Western Desert of Egypt
Science, Superstition, & the Supernatural in Iran
Chinese Medicine in 20th C. France and Italy
Chasing Snails in the People’s Republic
Madness in Late Imperial China
Sex, Eugenics, Aesthetics, Utopia
Buddhists Discuss Science in Modern China
Food Markets in Edo Japan
Alternative Treatments for Neurasthenia in Japan
The Body in Korean Modern Art
The Organ Trade in Bangladesh
Cesarean Births in Taiwan
Astronomical Knowledge in Early Modern India
Western Medicine in Colonial Malaya
Snakebite and Religious Healing in South Asia

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