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FHSAsia Essay Prize 2014

Forum for History of Science in Asia announces a 2014 Essay Competition. The prize will be given to an engaging essay that shows the most potential to contribute to the general methodology of history of science technology and medicine through the exploration of Asian HoSTM.

The recent decade has seen a rapid growth in the body of research conducted on the history of science, medicine, and technology in Asia. While continuously relying on the existing methodological approaches within history of science, scholars of Asian science also find that episodes in the history of Asian science often highlight historical factors that previously went unnoticed or were unaccounted for. The Forum for the History of Science in Asia thus seeks to encourage scholarship that uncovers those factors through the exploration of Asian history of science, and that offers new methodological insights, which may benefit not only the study of Asian history, but also the history of science technology and medicine as a whole. Thanks to a generous contribution of an anonymous donor, FHSAsia was able to establish an essay prize that will acknowledge and reward such scholarship.

Eligible essay are unpublished dissertation or book chapters, and articles. Essays accepted for publication but not yet published by July 1st 2014 are eligible. The essay should be in English, and should be no more than 8,500 words in length. If the original paper exceeds this word limit, we ask you to adjust the length to fit the criteria. The essay should explore topics in the history of science, technology, and medicine in Asia (including East, Southeast, and South Asia).

In order to apply, please send application materials to In your email, please include the application form (downloadable here), and your essay in PDF format. The deadline for applications is July 1st, 2014.


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