Welcome! The Forum for the History of Science in Asia (FHSAsia) is a special interest group of the History of Science Society that is devoted to furthering scholarship in the history of science, medicine, and technology in Asia. It aims to promote research and education in the history of science in Asia, to provide a forum for discussion, and to foster and support international collaboration among scholars working in all areas related to the study and practice of the sciences in Asia.

You can find all of the posts from the previous incarnation of the FHSAsia website archived here.

Contact the FHSAsia steering committee by emailing: fhsasia at gmail dot com.


Who’s Who

FHSAsia Steering Committee
Fa-ti Fan
Yulia Frumer
Lisa Onaga (chair)
Dagmar Schäfer

Forum Needs Committee

Fa-ti Fan (chair)
Martina Siebert
Zuoyue Wang

Outreach Committee

Somaditya Banerjee
Paul Callomon
Fa-ti Fan  (chair)
Lijing Jiang
Shenglan Li

Sponsored Event Committee

Kenji Ito
Hiromi Mizuno
Dagmar Schäfer (co-chair)
Martina Siebert (co-chair)
Ying Jia Tan
Shellen Wu

Essay Prize Committee
Yulia Frumer (non-voting Chair)
Marta Hanson
Shigehisa Kuriyama
Projit Mukharji
Bill Summers

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